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Since 2016, we’ve help entrepreneurs from tiny, early-stage brands to venture-backed companies grow their business in a profitable and sustainable way.

What we're like

Like our clients, we strive to grow our agency in a positive, and sustainable way. To us, that means waking up to work that excites us and making sure we hold ourselves to the following values.

Give a shit.
We care deeply about our people, our work, and our results.

Do what’s right. We value those who act with honesty, transparency, and integrity.

Be honest, not perfect. We believe self-awareness, accepting mistakes, and regular reflection is integral to our growth.

Play to your strengths. We’re committed to uncovering strengths and nurturing high performance for our people and products.

Pay it forward. We’d here to leave a lasting, positive impact on those around us.

1% improvement everyday Regular dose of curious improvement

To us, that means you can expect

Open, honest feedback: We strive to create space where everyone feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

Collaborative: Our team works together to achieve common goals and overcome obstacles based on the our unique abilities.

Autonomy: We want our team to have the resources, training to do their jobs effectively and are encouraged to take ownership of their work.

Personal growth: We are opportunities for employees to learn and grow, both professionally and personally, and leaders support their employees in achieving their goals.

Positive atmosphere: We strive to create a positive, inclusive, and supportive, with a focus on the well-being of our colleagues.

Flexibility: We are a fully distributed remote team spread out across multiple timezones. We encourage our team to work at the times and places they work best.

What we're looking for

We're look for the following qualities in our colleagues:

Self-awareness. We value those that can balance offering helpful and critical feedback to others, and those that are open to accepting and improving upon their mistakes.

Positivity. We value those that deeply about people, their work, and their results bring a supportive energy to help our team and clients thrive.

Honesty and integrity. We believe honesty and integrity is the foundation to hep build trust in confidence in their workplace.

History of high performance. We value those with demonstrates skills both personally and professionally.

Continuous growth. We value those that are motivated by regular improvement, uncovering their strengths, and nurturing high performance in order to achieve their full potential.

Our open roles

We're currently looking for additional support in the following roles:

  • SEO Assistant
  • Jr. Media Buyer - Paid Search

To apply, please reach out below or reach out at hello@2xcd.com:

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